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Site Security

We take the security of our customers very seriously and have taken the following steps to ensure payments are as secure as possible.

Heartbleed: Cardfight Vanguard Singles is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability. Our website runs on an Apache powered server which is constantly kept up to date meaning user data is handled securely. Cardfight Vanguard Singles recommends that users don't use the same password accross multiple online accounts, especially those that handle personal finances - such as online banking, PayPal etc.

We do not store card details: Even though you are entering your card details to pay for your order we do not store these details. This is handled by WorldPay, one of the worlds largest online payment processing gateways. Meaning there is no risk of these falling into the wrong hands.

HTTPS: you'll notice the https in the address bar and the padlock icon, either next to the address bar in Internet Explorer or in the bottom right of the browser if you use Firefox.

Strong Encrytion: Cardfight Vanguard Singles uses a 2048 bit security certificate - which offers the best level of security to our customers.